Light and Ventilation Ridges

Müller Ridgelight Sunlight

For machine halls and storage depots

Ridgelight Sunlight

The Müller ridgelight Sunlight can be used in all places with a lot of light, but where no special ventilation is required. This applies mainly to machine halls and storage facilities.

Sunlight is not recommended for stable buildings. The ideal solution for those requirements is the Müller light and ventilation ridge Deluxe Agrar.


The Müller ridgelight Sunlight is available for ridge openings up to 300 cm (top purlin spacing) and roof slopes up to 25°. For ridge openings up to 200 cm the Müller ridgelight Sunlight is delivered with a cantilevered rooflight hood and furthermore it is strengthened by an additional aluminum construction.

The Z-purlins are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy, especially resistant to ammonia and sea air.

The rigid aluminum-construction can withstand very high snow and wind suction loads (Download Statics).

The ridgelight Sunlight can be assembled quickly and easily.

Each roof ridge comes with a brief but detailed and easy to follow assembly instruction.


In conjunction with a roof covering made of fiber cement corrugated sheets, the Müller ridgelight Sunlight has an air outlet of only 7 cm (3,5 cm per side). Due to this fact, we refer to the Sunlight as ridgelight only.


Ridgelight Sunlight