Light and Ventilation Ridges

The ridgelight for equestrian sports

Müller Light and Ventilation Ridge Deluxe Cavallo

for riding halls and horse stables

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Light and Ventilation Ridge Deluxe Cavallo

Up to 4 m opening width and translucency against drop shadows!

The Müller light and ventilation ridge Deluxe Cavallo has been developed specially for equestrian sports. The thermally formed translucent rooflight hood avoids drop shadows, brings a lot of daylight into your building and provides god ventilation in any weather conditions.

Light and Ventilation Ridge Deluxe Cavallo Type Hall Translucency against drop shadow

Many horses shy away from sudden, rapidly approaching and moving shadows. Therefore, the rooflight hood of the Deluxe Cavallo is supplied in a translucent version as standard. The result is a significant reduction of drop shadows. Another positive effect is a minimized glare due to sunbeams.


Light and Ventilation Ridge DeluxeThe entire frame of the light and ventilation ridges Deluxe Cavallo is made of a high-strength aluminum alloy, especially resistant to ammonia and sea air, and is manufactured to measure and in accordance with the roof pitch for your building and your roofing.

The self-supporting frame is available for ridge openings up to 400 cm (top purlin spacing) and roof slopes up to 45 °.

The extra rigid construction can withstand the highest wind suction loads and is highly resilient.

Due to the prefabricated (welded) frame and the self-tapping screws made of stainless steel ensures a very quick and easy assembly. Two workers can mount about 30–40 meters of Müller light and ventilation ridge per day.

Each roof ridge comes with a brief but detailed and easy to follow assembly instruction.


The Müller light and ventilation ridge Deluxe Cavallo has an air outlet of 28 cm (2 x 14 cm) und and is thus perfectly sized for equestrian sports.

A steplessly variable locking system for ventilation control is optionally available for Deluxe Cavallo.

Operation of the ventilation flaps can be done either manually via a wire rope hoist or by means of an electric drive, which can be activated through a button or completely automated.

The automated control is determined by indoor temperature, wind intensity and precipitation.

light and ventilation ridge Deluxe Ventilation

Wind Deflectors

The wind deflectors are also made of aluminum alloy being resistant to ammonia and sea air. The position as well as the reinforcement beads of the deflectors are arranged so that the wind does not generate turbulence and is ideally directed over the ridge (see schematic figure).

Wind Deflectors No trubulences corner trims

For an excellent protection against storms, there are additional corner trims located behind the wind deflectors (yellow arrow)..

The natural wind deflectors have a stucco-embossed (hammered) surface, preventing dazzling sunlight.
Optionally, the wind deflectors are available with a polyester coating in different colours.

Gable Cladding

The gable cladding serves to close the front side of the Müller light and ventilation ridge Deluxe Cavallo and is supplied in the same shade of color as the wind deflectors.

Gable Cladding< Gable Cladding<


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