Light and Ventilation Ridges

Why a light and ventilation ridge?

light and ventilation ridgeA lot of natural sunlight and clean air promote the well-being of your livestock. Healthy and happy animals produce a higher yield.

The most effective illumination is achieved by the incidence of light through the ridge, and this is the best position for the ventilation of a building. You can achieve both at the same time by a light and ventilation ridge.

A light and ventilation ridge is only a small additional investment that pays off quickly due to the savings of roof tiles, ridge caps and purlins.

The perfect solution for für stables, riding halls and more!

Why a light and ventilation ridge from Müller?

The highly translucent Müller light and ventilation ridges with original biaxially stretched (patent) and co-extruded Ondex rooflight hood are the only really hail-proof, durable, and UV- and ammonia-resistant lighting and ventilation ridges.

Available are opening widths up to 400 cm and exhaust cross sections up to 75 cm.

The very robust and storm-safe ridges are made to measure, in accordance with the roof pitch and always object-related. They provide optimized ventilation airflow and are very easy and fast to install.

ZDH certified DIN EN 1090 CE marking is mandatory!

Lighting and ventilation ridges are building products and they have to comply with the new European Building Products Regulation (BauPVO) EU No. 305/2011.

For components made of steel and aluminum DIN EN 1090 is mandatory.

In order to ensure that our light and ventilation ridges may be marked with the new CE label according to DIN EN 1090 and we are enabled to issue a declaration of performance, we have had certified our production monitoring.

Building products without CE marking and declaration of performance may no longer be sold or installed!